Pushpagiri Vihara

Probably the most famous Buddhist viharas (monasteries) in Odisha, Pushpagiri is perched atop of Languri Hills in the Jajpur district. Built in the 3rd century CE, the place ranks as one of the important institution of higher learning in ancient India that makes it a popular heritage site in the country. In 639 CE, Xuanzang (Hiuen Tsang), a renowned Chinese traveller, visited Pushpagiri along with Vikramshila, Takshashila, and Nalanda. That was the time when he named this place as Pushpagiri Vihara. The Buddhist centre of Pushpagiri also has its description in medieval Tibetan texts. The complex of Pushpagiri sprawls over three hilltops (Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, and Udayagiri) that include various stupas, temples, monasteries, and sculptures which boasts architecture design from the Gupta Period. However, till 1995, when a professor of local college first visited this place, these ruins were undiscovered.

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