Famous About Chilika

Chilka Lake in Orissa is Asia's biggest internal salt water pond studded with few tiny islands including the most charming Honeymoon Island and the Breakfast Island. Chilika Lake - Asia's largest brackish water lagoon with water spread ranging from 1165 sq km m the rainy season to 906 sq km in the dry season is nestled in the heart of the coastal Odisha (Orissa). It extends from Bhusandpur in Puri district in the North to Rambha-Malud in Ganjan district in the South, separated from the Bay of Bengal by a 60 km long narrow strip of marshy islands and sand-flats.

Major Attraction Of Chilika

Chilika Lake, popularly known as Chilka, the queen of Natural scenery in Odisha, also known as the Swiss-lake in the continent. Nestling in the heart of coastal Odisha, during dry season, it runs along the borders of three districts of Puri , Khurda and Ganjam and finally joins the Bay of Bengal through a narrow mouth, forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water. Chilka Lake is being treated as the real paradise for the bird-lovers and ornithologists since the whole vicinity attracts large number of aquatic birds preferably in winters for the migratory counts.

Nalaban Island

This is about an hour away on a single motor powered 8 seater boat from the Berkul OTDC boat marina. Although you need a permit to enter the Nalaban Island itself, you can still hire a boat (from OTDC Panthanivas) and camp you boat a few 100 meters away from the shore of the island.

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